Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The effect of BMP signaling inhibition in Human Amniotic Epithelial stem cells Seeded on Conductive nanochitosan/polypyrrole-alginate Nano-Scaffold for Directional Growth of axon in Spinal Cord-Injured Rats    Ph.D    ASMA MANZARY TAVAKOLI    1399/12/20
2    Evaluation of the effect of curcumin and hesperidin treatment in the embryonic period on seizure, inflammation and persistent electrophysiological (LTP) and memory changes following repeated febrile seizure in rat pups    Ph.D    Rabi Atabaki    1399/06/23
3    The correlation between brain functional connectivity and saccadic eye movements in mild Alzheimer's disease    Ph.D    Maliheh Moghadami    1399/06/22
4    Effect of ICV injections of TRPA1 channels antagonists on convulsive effects of hydro-alcoholic extract of Haplophyllum robustum -Sodabi-    M.Sc.    asie esmaeili    1399/03/14
5    Studey of relationship between brain lateralization, emotional inteligence on internet addiction and working memory in shirvan 2nd grade high school students -2019-    M.Sc.    Fariba Omrani    1398/12/07
6    Molecular and Behavioral Assessment of Pioglitazone Effects in Febrile Seizures of Wistar Rats    Ph.D    Hussein Allawi Hussein Hussein    1397/11/24
7    investigating the components of event-related brain potentials (ERP) of students with deep and superficial conceptual and procedural knowledge in transformation and interpretation of functions    Ph.D    najmeh farsad    1397/11/16
8    Investigating the effect of negative emotion on the performance of spatial working memory and its electrophysiological characteristics in women with high and medium emotional intelligence.    M.Sc.    kowsar kazemi    1397/06/03
9    The effect of Nesfatin-1adminstration on memory and learning deficits, neuronal death and neuroinflammation in the hippocampal area following the cerebral ischemia-reperfusion in male rats    Ph.D    Sohaila erfani    1397/05/24
10    Behavioral and Electrophysiological study of epileptogenic effect of Haplophyllum Robustum hydroalcoholic extract leaves in Wistar rat    M.Sc.    Elham Farmanesh    1395/11/27
11    Effects of Ocimum basilicum hydro-ethanolic extract and rosmarinic acid on airway responsiveness and lung pathological changes, total and differential white blood cells and inflammatory mediators in ovalbumin sensitized (asthmatic model) rats    Ph.D    naeima eftekhar    1395/11/26
12    The effects of coating nifedipine by cyclodextrin on seizures induced by Pentylenetetrazole in male rats    M.Sc.    marzieh hashemi    1395/04/02
13    A perfect surgical method for rat chronic deep spinal electrical stimulation in induced spinal lesion    M.Sc.    monireh namvar    1394/10/21
14    Effect of OX1 antagonist ICV administeration on PTZ induced kindling and anxiety behaviours in Wistar rats    M.Sc.    Elham kordi jaz    1394/10/07
15    Effect of OX2 antagonist ICV administeration on PTZ induced kindling and anxiety behaviours in Wistar rats    M.Sc.    saeede asadi    1394/10/07
16    Effect of Capsaicin administeration PTZ induced seizuresduring neonatal period and the effect on cannabis extract administration on convulsive behaviours    M.Sc.    Elnaz khorasanian    1394/03/24
17    Effect of chronic administration of Famale cannabis sativa Flower tops ethanolic extract on infant rat PTZ induced convulsions 12 DAB    M.Sc.    Samaneh Afroozi rastegar    1394/03/24
18    Visually Evoke Potential and Electrical Evoked Potential Recording on Visual Cortex of Rats    M.Sc.    masoud poostchi avval    1393/11/07
19    Study on the effects of maternal adimintration of letrozol on threshold and intensity of sizure in adult male Wistar rat offspring    M.Sc.    masoumeh moeini    1393/03/11
20    Study on the effects of maternal adimintration of estradiol and soya ethanolic extract on threshold and intensity of sizure in adult female Wistar rat offspring    M.Sc.    zahra mojallal    1393/02/21
21    Effect of frequent infantile thiopental on GAD65 and GAD67 genes expression before and after maturation in hippocampus of male wistar rat    M.Sc.    Masoud Naseri    1392/07/06
22    Study of the effect of frequent thiopental induced anesthesia on learning behaviors before and after maturation in Wistar rat    M.Sc.    fatemeh khoshnoodi    1392/06/25
23    Investigating the effects of co-treatment of type one interferon and G-CSF on blood serum biochemical factors and liver enzymes    M.Sc.    ENSIEH NAMJOU    1392/06/20
24    Evaluation of memory process, behavioral and histologic alterations (cerebellum, and hippocampus) in animal model of Autism, induced by Valproic Acid    M.Sc.    hanie nikfarjam    1391/03/31
25    Study of anti-inflammatory effect of Bromelain on rat microglial cells in tissue culture    M.Sc.    soraya abbasi    1390/11/12
26    The effect of scopolamine based amnesia on the number of hippocampal neurons in the male wistars rat    M.Sc.    saba saif hosseini    1390/11/11
27    The Study of Naphthoquinone Derivative (Shikonin) Effects on Astrocyte Activity in tissue culture    M.Sc.    shirin hosseini    1390/11/01
28    The role of minocycline on seizured-induced by amygdala kindling in rats    M.Sc.    seied mehdi beheshti nasr    1390/06/20
29    The effect of ketamine induced repeated anesthesia in neonate period of wistar rat on PTZ induced convulsions and reaction to pain after maturation    M.Sc.    somaye shahri    1390/03/28
30    The effect of thiopental induced anesthesiain neonate period of rats on PTZ induced convulsions and reaction to pain after maturation    M.Sc.    fatemeh faghih majidi    1389/10/22