Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    ----    M.Sc.    ebrahimi poor, tahere    0000-00-00
2    Comparison and investigation of language characteristics in Autistic children            0000-00-00
3    Investigation of the effects of Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor and type one interferones on osteoprosis and bone histomorphometry            0000-00-00
4    Modeling the dynamics of emotion in human using EEG            0000-00-00
5    Effect of PTZ induced epileptiform convulsions on Drosofilla Melanogaster            0000-00-00
6    The effect of thiopental induced anesthesiain neonate period of rats on PTZ induced convulsions and reaction to pain after maturation    M.Sc.    faghih majidi, fatemeh    2010-01-30
7    Study of anti-inflammatory effect of Bromelain on rat microglial cells in tissue culture    M.Sc.    abbasi, soraya    2010-04-28
8    The Study of Naphthoquinone Derivative (Shikonin) Effects on Astrocyte Activity in tissue culture    M.Sc.    hosseini, shirin    2010-04-28
9    The effect of ketamine induced repeated anesthesia in neonate period of wistar rat on PTZ induced convulsions and reaction to pain after maturation    M.Sc.    shahri, somaye    2010-06-05
10    The role of minocycline on seizured-induced by amygdala kindling in rats    M.Sc.    beheshti nasr, seied mehdi    2011-01-21
11    Study of age and symmetry in anthropometric and dermatoglyphic traits of foot in girls of two decades (from birth-10 and 10-20 years old) in Fars population in Birjand    M.Sc.    Mehrbakhsh, Azita    2011-02-03
12    Study of the cocaine and serotonergic antagonist on pain sensation at the spinal level in rat    M.Sc.    mehdinia, Rahebe    2011-03-08
13    Study of the effect of frequent thiopental induced anesthesia on learning behaviors before and after maturation in Wistar rat    M.Sc.    khoshnoodi, fatemeh    2011-03-09
14    The effect of scopolamine based amnesia on the number of hippocampal neurons in the male wistars rat    M.Sc.    saif hosseini, saba    2011-04-19
15    Evaluation of memory process, behavioral and histologic alterations (cerebellum, and hippocampus) in animal model of Autism, induced by Valproic Acid    M.Sc.    nikfarjam, hanie    2011-05-10
16    Study of The effects of maternal consumption of Passiflora incarnata during pregnancy on learning & memory in rat offspring    M.Sc.    ataei nakhaei, sareh    2011-05-11
17    Effect of frequent infantile thiopental on GAD65 and GAD67 genes expression before and after maturation in hippocampus of male wistar rat    M.Sc.    Naseri, Masoud    2011-10-12
18    Effect of ethanol administration on working memory in prefrontal cortex in rat    M.Sc.    lotfi ghadikolaii, narjes    2012-03-05
19    The application of diagnostic morphological and behavioral characters in identifying Latrodectus species (Araneae: Theridiidae)    M.Sc.    sheibani, hadis    2012-03-05
20    Investigating the effects of co-treatment of type one interferon and G-CSF on blood serum biochemical factors and liver enzymes    M.Sc.    NAMJOU, ENSIEH    2012-06-13
21    Effects of harmaline on seizure induced by amygdala electrical kindling in rat    M.Sc.    al najaf, azam    2012-12-12
22    Modeling of EMG-Force Dynamics during Muscle Fatigue    M.Sc.    Asefi Yazdi, Moein    2012-12-30
23    Nonlinear Dynamic Modeling of Cortical Electrical Activity in the analysis of Auditory Stimuli    M.Sc.    gorjestani, mahsa    2013-01-07
24    Investigating the Effects of Intrathecal Administration of Vitamin k2(Menaquinone) on the Thermal & Chimical pain in rat    M.Sc.    Hajipoor, Fatemeh    2013-04-24
25    Study on the effects of maternal adimintration of letrozol on threshold and intensity of sizure in adult male Wistar rat offspring    M.Sc.    moeini, masoumeh    2013-06-10
26    Study on the effects of maternal adimintration of estradiol and soya ethanolic extract on threshold and intensity of sizure in adult female Wistar rat offspring    M.Sc.    mojallal, zahra    2013-06-10
27    Study on the effects of maternal adimintration of letrozol on the spermatozoid number and morphology in adult Wistar rat offspring    M.Sc.    esfandiari, abdolmajid    2013-06-10
28    The Study Of Components Of Event-Related Brain Potentials (ERP) Of Students With High And Low Knowledge On The Topic Of Function During Addressing The Function Tasks    Ph.D    farsad, najmeh    2013-09-08
29    Visually Evoke Potential and Electrical Evoked Potential Recording on Visual Cortex of Rats    M.Sc.    poostchi avval, masoud    2013-10-19
30    Early Detection of Alzheimer \'s Disease by Segmentation of Structural and Functional Brain Images    M.Sc.    etemadi, shabnam    2013-12-30
31    investigating the dynamics of working memory networks using EEG signal    M.Sc.    Shahabi, Hossein    2013-12-30
32    Transcendent Theosophy and the Schools of Physicalism on Perception.    Ph.D    salahshur, zohre    2014-04-21
33    A study on the effects of intraperitoneal administration of stem and leaves extract of Ferula szowitziana on PTZ induced seizure in Wistar Rat    M.Sc.    Sotudeh, Fatemeh sadat    2014-05-07
34    Effect of Urtica dioica extract on wound healing in diabetic and non-diabetic rat    M.Sc.    akbarian, marzieh    2014-06-02
35    Effect of Capsaicin administeration PTZ induced seizuresduring neonatal period and the effect on cannabis extract administration on convulsive behaviours    M.Sc.    khorasanian, Elnaz    2014-06-04
36    Effect of chronic administration of Famale cannabis sativa Flower tops ethanolic extract on infant rat PTZ induced convulsions 12 DAB    M.Sc.    Afroozi rastegar, Samaneh    2014-07-11
37    Effects of Ocimum basilicum hydro-ethanolic extract and rosmarinic acid on airway responsiveness and lung pathological changes, total and differential white blood cells and inflammatory mediators in ovalbumin sensitized (asthmatic model) rats    Ph.D    eftekhar, naeima    2014-12-03
38    embodiment learning: a neurophenomenology approach in learning and instruction    Ph.D    babaei, bijan    2015-02-17
39    The effect of changes in photoperiods on thermal and chemical pain    M.Sc.    marvi samavarchi, fatemeh    2015-03-15
40    Effect of OX2 antagonist ICV administeration on PTZ induced kindling and anxiety behaviours in Wistar rats    M.Sc.    asadi, saeede    2015-03-15
41    Effect of OX1 antagonist ICV administeration on PTZ induced kindling and anxiety behaviours in Wistar rats    M.Sc.    kordi jaz, Elham    2015-03-15
42    A perfect surgical method for rat chronic deep spinal electrical stimulation in induced spinal lesion    M.Sc.    namvar, monireh    2015-03-15
43    Investigation of the insulin signaling role after maternal stress (before birth) on sporadic Alzheimer's symptoms induced by icv-STZ in adult male rat offsprings    Ph.D    rostami, farzaneh    2015-04-08
44    Roles of nucleus basalis in spatial attention and dynamic visual coding in extra-striate cortex using optogenetic technique in the marmoset    Ph.D    Ramazani, Elham    2015-04-20
45    Investigation of acellular nerve graft seeded with ADSC and coadministration of acetyl-l carnitine on the sciatic nerve regeneration process    Ph.D    Ghayour, Mohammad Bagher    2015-09-21
46    Investigation of the effects of transplantation of the neural scaffold containing bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells and citicoline on the regeneration of rat sciatic nerve injury in-vitro and in-vivo    Ph.D    abdolmaleki, arash    2015-09-21
47    The correlation between resting brain functional connectivity and saccadic eye movements in mild Alzheimer's disease    Ph.D    Moghadami, Maliheh    2015-10-21
48    The effects of coating nifedipine by cyclodextrin on seizures induced by Pentylenetetrazole in male rats    M.Sc.    hashemi, marzieh    2016-01-06
49    Effects Of Intracerebroventricular Administration Of Insulin And Somatostatin In Control Of Feeding Behavior, And The Possible Role Of Neurpeptide Y Receptors As A Mediator In Broiler Chickens.    Ph.D    Yousefvand, Shiba    2016-02-17
50    Study of the effects of phenytoin (a voltage gated sodium channels blocker) systemic administration on neuropathic pain induced by CCI method in male rat.    M.Sc.    hesari, farzane    2016-04-27
51    Investigation of Memantine (an NMDA receptor antagonist) intraperitoneal treatment effects on neuropathic pain induced by sciatic nerve ligation using CCI method in male rat    M.Sc.    javanshiri, zainab    2016-04-27
52    Behavioral and Electrophysiological study of epileptogenic effect of Haplophyllum Robustum hydroalcoholic extract leaves in Wistar rat    M.Sc.    Farmanesh, Elham    2016-04-27
53    The effects of Benfotiamine administration on bio-structural alterations of decellularized sciatic nerve scaffold in rat diabetic model induced by STZ    Ph.D    vafadar ghasemi, leila    2016-09-13
54    A High effective optical method of electromagnetic fields (diathermia – hyperthermia) to intact determination of local space and temperature in deep brain tumors model    Ph.D    Shiee, Reza    2016-09-15
55    Impact of non invasive brain electrical stimulation using the features of EEG signals in internet addicts.    M.Sc.    asadollahzadeh shamkhal, fateme    2016-12-25
56    A mechanism survey of Celecoxib, Indomethacin and Ibuprofen effects on 6-hydroxydopamine-induced apoptosis and reactive oxygen species presence in PC12 cells    Ph.D    Ramazani, Elham    2017-01-17
57    The mechanism of the Effects of vitamin K2 Against Amyloid Beta Peptide-Induced reactive oxygen species and apoptosis in PC12 Cells as in vitro model of alzheimer's disease    Ph.D    Hadipour, Elham    2017-01-17
58    The effect of nesfatin-1 administration on memory and learning deficits, neuronal death and neuroinflammation in the hippocampus area following cerebral ischemia-reperfusion in male rats    Ph.D    erfani, Sohaila    2017-01-21
59    Evaluation the protective effect of TLR4 antagonist on inflammation, electrophysiological (LTP) and memory changes following febrile seizure    Ph.D    Riahi Zaniani, nasibeh    2017-01-28
60    Evaluation the effect of maternal administratiton of Curcumin and Hesperidin on infantile repeated febrile induced seizure and inflammation, memory and electrophysiological (LTP) characteristics in adult male rats.    Ph.D    Atabaki, Rabi    2017-02-18
61    The inseparability of the elements of experience in the teaching – Learning environments: the transition from the churchland’s neuro philosophy to the Varela’s neuro phenomenology    Ph.D    sharafi, hosein    2017-02-28
62    The effect of BMP signaling inhibition in Human Amniotic Epithelial stem cells Seeded on Conductive nanochitosan/polypyrrole-alginate Nano-Scaffold for Directional Growth of axon in Spinal Cord-Injured Rats    Ph.D    MANZARY TAVAKOLI, ASMA    2017-03-06
63    Investigating mental health professional’s information seeking behavior in the process of diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders based on the Kuhlthau's model    Ph.D    Akbari, Ali    2017-03-14
64    Design and development of an eye-tracking system    M.Sc.    mousavi, seyed mohsen    2017-04-10
65    Effects of Ceftriaxone on spatial learning and memory impairment in rat model of epilepsy    M.Sc.    Ramandi, Danial    2017-06-07
66    Study of Ngative emotion on spatial working memory and electrophysiological charactristics in wemon with high emotional intelligence    M.Sc.    kazemi, kowsar    2017-06-07
67    Effects of systemic administration of Ceftriaxone on the expression of GS, GLAST and GAD67 in rat model of epilepsy    M.Sc.    Vedadian, َAmirhossein    2017-06-07
68    Implications of Curriculum Theory development Based on Neurophenomenology    Ph.D    Hooshmand, Alireza    2017-11-13
69    Study of Ngative emotion on spatial working memory and electrophysiological charactristics in men with high emotional intelligence    M.Sc.    kamel attar kar, iman    2017-11-26
70    Molecular and Behavioral Assessment of Pioglitazone Effects in Febrile Seizures of Wistar Rats    Ph.D    Hussein, Hussein Allawi Hussein    2018-02-13
71    Study on the effects of systemic administration of citicoline and atorvastatin on the process of Wallerian degenration in transected sciatic nerve in adult male Wistar rat    Ph.D    Bolandghamat, Samira    2018-03-06
72    Visual Cortex Modeling for optical signal analysis    M.Sc.    pourebrahim, rahin    2018-03-06